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Series Introduction

Why not go back to where it all began?  The start of the early church.  The church today could learn a thing or two about how to share the Gospel in a world that needs the Good News.  The ministry and mission that was kickstarted with His ascension is still applicable today.  Believers need the reminder of the power of a witness for Christ.

With each chapter of Acts, it is like a new episode of “Redemptive Relationships in the Early Church”.  Different characters are introduced, playing an important role in the expansion of the early church and reaching further into the known world with the Gospel. 

One can witness firsthand what God can do with a person who believes in following Christ with every fiber of their being.  For those that chose “The Way”, it was essentially a death sentence.  They would risk their lives for the spread of the Gospel.  Acts presents a passionate plea for those in the church today to follow the model of evangelism of the Apostles in Acts, and see how God can reach the lost anywhere and anytime. 

This study in Acts will provide the necessary resources and tools to be an effective witness. The hope is the passion for the lost and the message that will save them will be fanned into flames.  Might it be a series that heightens our witness personally and corporately, to be called into Gospel action like those of the early church. 

Series Date

August – Early December 2022

Acts Introduction

Author: Luke. 

Date/Setting: Likely between 60-62 AD 

Purpose:  The start and expansion of the early church

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